Our Mission


Top quality, local and responsibly sourced materials. Experience and knowledge. Highly trained employees using the best quality machinery. All to achieve a stunning finished product.


We develop a two-way working relationship between client & ourselves.

We can understand what you want and need, and deliver a contract and standard of work that ensures you will get the most from your garden or grounds.

We offer bespoke contracts to suit your needs exactly.


Where possible, we use organic treatments on lawns such as garlic or seaweed spray.

We recycle waste.
Our timber comes from sustainable sources.
We care for wildlife & not only protect but encourage it.


We take a proactive approach, if we see something that needs doing, we do it.

We can adapt to your needs, if you have an urgent request or a specific date, we have the capacity and flexibility to help.

We are a team you can rely on to deliver year on year.

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Thames Valley Landscapes
Thames Valley Landscapes provides an excellent service for DTZ and the school. For over 12 years their team has kept the grounds looking smart, trim and tidy. So professional and reliable is their standard of work, we need little contact with them, which is exactly what we look for as facilities management. We hope to continue to use their services for years to come.