Frequently Asked Questions

Q What kind of commercial customers do you have?

Our commercial clients include hotels, restaurants, clubs, schools, business parks, industrial estates, hospitals, marinas and sports clubs; some have small gardens, others manage hundreds of acres.

Q Are there different pricing options?

Yes. We can prepare an annual maintenance contract, or we can cost projects on an individual, ad hoc basis. Pricing is dependent on the scope of services provided and discounts are available for regular, long term contracts.

Q Can I specify how often you visit?

Yes. We can make daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, to suit your requirements. We accommodate a wide range of contracts. Some residential clients require only one visit per month whilst other commercial grounds maintenance contracts involve the provision of at least three full time gardeners, all year round. Your contract can be adapted at any time to accommodate specific seasonal demands, or anything else you might need.

Q Do you offer garden maintenance for residential customers?

Residential_GardenYes and no. We have a limited number of residential customers as well as commercial clients. Our residential customers have large gardens, to the extent that they would almost be classified as grounds. Our maintenance sites range from a few acres, to large commercial grounds spanning 60 acres.

Q Are you Health and Safety qualified?

Yes. Take a look at at Our Credentials!

Q Do I have to be in when you visit?

No. As long as we can access your garden freely, or you leave a gate key with a neighbour or in a specified place, we can undertake all maintenance without you being present.

Q Do you provide lawn care services?

Yes. Our fully comprehensive service list includes: Stripey_Grass

  • Lawn mowing
  • Turf care and repair
  • Herbicide/fertiliser applications
  • Hollow coring
  • Scarification
  • Site levelling & grading
  • Top dressing
  • Over-seeding
  • Disease control
  • Worm cast control
  • Troubleshooting
Q Do you have the experience to maintain specialist sports grounds?

PitchesYes. We maintain golf courses, cricket grounds, sports pitches and courts (football, hockey, rugby, softball, rounders, volleyball, tennis) and athletics tracks.

We understand the specific requirements of these facilities and work hard to ensure a top quality surface. We also use modern marking machines and paints to achieve a highly visible white line.

Q Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes. A big benefit of outsourcing garden and grounds maintenance is that you don’t have to invest in costly equipment Moweryourself – and better still, there’s no equipment to maintain! We use a wide range of specialist, industrial-grade equipment which is far more robust, reliable and effective than domestic alternatives.

All of our machinery complies with the Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

Q Do you offer maintenance contracts?

Yes. A maintenance contract is the most effective way to manage our relationship with you. Contracts can be tailored to accommodate your specific requirements. They include a detailed specification of the services that we will provide, over a pre-defined time period.

Q Are you insured?

Yes, up to £10,000,000 employee and public liability insurance cover.

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Thames Valley Landscapes
Thames Valley Landscapes provides an excellent service for DTZ and the school. For over 12 years their team has kept the grounds looking smart, trim and tidy. So professional and reliable is their standard of work, we need little contact with them, which is exactly what we look for as facilities management. We hope to continue to use their services for years to come.