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Looking After Garden Wildlife In Winter

on 29th November 2016

A landscaped garden is not just a space built for your enjoyment, it is also an important habitat for many species of wildlife where the trees, structures and flowers form an eco-system that provides…

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tvladminLooking After Garden Wildlife In Winter

Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

on 28th November 2016

Winter is upon us. It’s the time of year for warm jumpers, fireplaces, and generally staying indoors. Unfortunately, your garden doesn’t have that luxury and has to brave the cold…

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tvladminGetting Your Garden Ready for Winter

Illuminate Your Garden

on 17th November 2016

A newly landscaped garden is a pride and joy for many. Make sure you can enjoy yours all day, every day with strategically placed landscape lighting to illuminate key focal points…

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tvladminIlluminate Your Garden