“Green Tourism is the worlds largest sustainable program that grades its members on how they make a positive choice for sustainability.”

In 2012, The Oakley Court Hotel had no grading and with positive management and working in partnership with us at Thames Valley Landscapes, we helped them achieve Gold Status. Going straight from no grading to gold was unheard of and we are proud of the following accomplishments. (Please see below)

Without Thames Valley Landscapes the hotel would not create the wonderful guest experiences that we are renowned for, both locally and from our International guests. Our general grounds are always recognised as being one of our most outstanding attributes.

MD Oakley Court Hotel

What was accomplished included:

  • Provided safe habitats for native wildlife by installing homes for hedgehogs, frogs, toads, snakes and geese.
  • Planted bee friendly plants such as lavender, hellebores, holly, digitalis, escallonia and heathers.
  • Used organic and eco friendly lawn treatments such as seaweed and garlic sprays.
  • Applied wetting agents to lawns to keep moisture in the grass that saved sprinkler usage.
  • Provided and topped up bird feeders and tables throughout the year.
  • Installed bird boxes around the grounds.
  • Composted and re-used not only garden waste such as leaf and grass mulch, but kitchen waste too.
  • Established an orchard area for the guests to pick and for the restaurant to use fresh pears, plums and apples.
  • Installed beehives around the gardens.


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