Wildlife Gardening

Tips and advice on how to encourage and look after garden friendly wildlife.

From giving creepy crawlies the five star treatment with a home made bug hotel, to selecting plants that will attract the beneficial insects that every gardener wants.

We Should Fight For Our Beneficial Bugs

on 15th April 2019

Turn the clock back to 1950 and the English garden was a different place. The atmosphere would have been alive with insects – an active, buzzy and hazy ecological environment full of tiny creatures. With just 1% of bugs actually considered ‘pests’, it’s likely that just about this entire airborne community was made up of

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tvladminWe Should Fight For Our Beneficial Bugs

Gardeners Have Just Gotta Love The Bugs

on 21st March 2019

In the past spotting a bug or creepy crawly on the leaves of a favourite perennial or prize-winning vegetable would have struck horror into the hearts of most gardeners. Retribution would have been swift and almost always involved reaching for the insecticide to take down the invading invertebrate. Nowadays gardeners are much better versed in

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tvladminGardeners Have Just Gotta Love The Bugs

Why Every Garden Needs a Bug Hotel

on 27th June 2018

Bugs, critters, creepy crawlies – call them what you like. When it comes to insects people can have mixed emotions. But love them or hate them there’s no getting away from the fact that insects play a vital role in our gardens and are essential for sustaining our natural environment. If we want our gardens

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tvladminWhy Every Garden Needs a Bug Hotel

Looking After Garden Wildlife In Winter

on 29th November 2016

A landscaped garden is not just a space built for your enjoyment, it is also an important habitat for many species of wildlife where the trees, structures and flowers form an eco-system that provides…

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tvladminLooking After Garden Wildlife In Winter