How a Landscaped Garden Adds Value to Your Home

on 14th June 2016

Landscaping your garden can transform it from a dreary dull space to a vibrant paradise. In fact, giving your garden a well thought out makeover can actually improve the overall value of your house. The trouble is that the idea of a complete re-landscape of a garden can seem like a drain of your funds with no real return other than your home aesthetic.

Before you write it off as an unnecessary expense, here are 3 good reasons why you should consider adding value to your home with a landscaped garden.

1. Personal Value

Perhaps the most important way that a new landscaped garden adds value to your home is the way it makes you feel as an owner. Your new space is designed to perfectly compliment your needs and enhance the way you use your outside space.  It allows you to design in those little extras that you know you’ll get lots of use from over the years, such as a seating area with pizza oven for entertaining in the Summer months.  A peaceful office space. Or a secret area for the kids to play and build dens.  Not only that but with some clever planting you’ll have a space that will change through the seasons giving you year round views to relax and enjoy whether you’re inside or out.

new landscaped garden in Marlow with slatted fencing

2. Sale Value & Appeal

Adding a landscaped garden also enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home – an important factor if you’re thinking of selling. It’s the same as a building developer employing an interior designer for a show home, it provides potential buyers with a clear view of how their home could look, and how they could use it were they to invest.

Having a landscaped garden can also have a positive impact on increasing interest, which is often reflected in higher prices being offered from potential buyers, or a faster sale.

Landscaping a garden can also change the way a property feels, adding character to your home that will be noticed by potential buyers. A beautiful garden will also set your property apart from the others in the neighbourhood, and differentiate from other properties that potential buyers have been looking at.  In some cases, it may even be the crucial deciding factor in whether to make an offer or not.

3. Measurable Value

Measurable value is whether or not adding a landscaped garden adds any monetary value to your property.

When calculating this value it can depend on the current condition of the garden at the time of appraisal and the local housing market.

There are a few instances where landscaping a garden will always increase the overall value of a property.  This is particularly the case when:

  • the garden is just bare earth
  • the garden is completely overgrown or neglected to the point where buyers could use this fact to negotiate a lower offer
  • there is no noticeable garden space, such as a roof terrace

In cases such as these, you are effectively adding a usable garden where there wasn’t one before, even if it is just a small but beautiful roof terrace.

To find out how a landscaped garden will increase your property’s value, or you want a space that will complete your home, then please feel free to call Thames Valley Landscapes on 01628 629720 or visit our contact page.

tvladminHow a Landscaped Garden Adds Value to Your Home

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