Summer Holidays

on 5th March 2015

For the majority of people, the prospect of summer holidays is eagerly anticipated. A chance to relax and unwind, try new things and spend quality time with family and friends. It is a time to escape from the usual routine and forget about chores back home. However, for keen gardeners, the summer holidays can be a cause for concern.

Having lovingly planted seeds and tendered young shoots, worked hard to ensure the lawn looks green and neat and maintained colourful and weed free borders, the prospect of a fortnight away can be daunting. There is the risk that much loved plants could die in a dry spell or the possibility that weeds could take hold in the lawns and borders.

You don’t want to be checking the forecast back home every day of your holiday in the hope of seeing rain, so how can you ensure that your garden doesn’t suffer whilst you are on your summer holiday?

Garden Preparation

The first step is to undertake some garden preparation in the run up to your holiday. Make time to give your garden a thorough weed, so they aren’t growing and depriving your chosen plants of water and nutrients whilst you are away. Set aside time to mow the lawn on the day before you leave, so you don’t return to a jungle. Also move hanging baskets and containers into a shaded area of the garden. You can place them on saturated towels, water them well before you head off and cover with a horticultural fleece to help prevent the water from evaporating.

If you have particularly precious plants or take regular holidays, it might be worth considering the purchase of a domestic irrigation system. These connect to an outside tap and you can programme the timer to switch on and off on a daily basis. These are widely available from garden centres and DIY stores and do include detailed instructions for assembly.

A Helping Hand

Another idea is to request a helping hand. At times a neighbour, friend or member of your family might be willing to pop into your garden every couple of days whilst you are away to ensure everything is watered. They may be particularly keen to help out if you are happy to return the favour when they go away.

If you want a little more than watering done, another option is to request the services of a gardening company. Many are happy to offer an occasional service, which can be ideal to cover holidays, as well as when major tasks need undertaking. You can instruct them on the exact jobs that you would like covered whilst you are away. This could include general tasks such as lawn mowing and weeding, but could also include landscaping, laying or cleaning patios and decking.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable landscape gardeners, Maidenhead based Thames Valley Landscapes can assist. Our professional team offer a range of services and with our assistance you’ll know that your garden will be maintained whilst you are away. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your summer holiday.

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